I went into Walgreen’s today looking for Rimmel eye products (so I could finish using the rest of my coupons) and spotted the Wet n’ Wild Lip Gloss Palette …and it was calling my name! This little palette has been so hard to find. The minute it hits the shelves, it’s gone! I paid $5.99 for it which is a LITTLE pricey considering it’s a Wet n’ Wild product. I went ahead and snagged it to see what the big hype was about! I honestly wasn’t expecting anything from it. I didn’t know what to think, really. I don’t normally wear lip gloss but my girls do! The palette comes with 16 colors from light pink to a dark purple color. The packaging is adorable, all white and a clear front! The glosses are all placed in little heart-shaped holders. I swatched the first color but you could barely see it! I layered it again and bam! There was color! I did swatches for all of them but take into consideration that I had to layer them multiple times! The color are very pretty on this palette! It also comes with a small white and pink brush! No mirror on this palette though! Boooo! However, I was quite impressed with this little palette and the various colors. Only downside to this palette was that you literally have to layer the colors, some more than others! And there isn’t much in each little gloss. I actually hit the bottom of some of the glosses! So you can probably use each color a few times before it’s gone, depending on how much you apply! The gloss is NOT hard, it’s actually quite soft so if you use the brush you can poke right through the gloss quite easy! Overall, I will be getting another palette for my other daughter. Is it worth the $5.99? I would say YES because you get 16 colors and an adorable little brush. I would recommend this palette for the lip gloss lovers and those who don’t tend to wear really bold colors on their lips! And also watch for sales if you don’t want to pay that much! Wet n’ Wild Products are on sale a lot! * I did not get paid or compensated by Wet n’ Wild to promote this product. * Review is based on my own personal opinion.